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HomeGrass ProductsNSD Artificial Grass
nsd artificial grass

NSD Artificial Grass

Our Env – Grass System is specially designed for our hot and humid climate in Singapore.

It comes with Clean Clear backing and its advantages are as follows;

  • No black carbon powder backing, which will disintegrate and affects its durability in the long run
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  • Easier maintenance (only required to wash the dust and brush the grass regularly)
  • 1 year installation warranty
  • 8 years warranty on falling off and fading of the backing fibres (exclude normal wear and tear)
  • Allows better water drainage; close to 80% permeability
  • Will not have peculiar smell after the rain
  • Suitable for pets - the clear glue backing are not harmful to animals


NSD Artificial Grass

NSD Artificial Grass


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Timber Decking adds value and a sense of sophistication at your house.



With the right care and maintenance, the best performance and enjoyment is ensured.



Timber decking in high traffics such as schools and playgrounds is a challenge where safety is a major concern.


National Parks

Nam Soon's natural timber is able to cater to stringent National Park requirements.