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outdoor timber decking maintenance

Timber Decking - Maintenance

Timber decking is a long term investment, and like many other natural products, they require proper care and maintenance to ensure the best performance and enjoyment.

Throughout the years, Nam Soon Timber has helped many home and business owners inject a new life into their timber decking with our expertise and experience.

Common problems that many property owners face with their timber decking:

  • Deck is left exposed (unvarnished) and unmaintained for long periods of time, causing the timber to degrade from brown to grey. Without the protection of wood stain, the fibres tend to absorb moisture easily which in turn accelerates decomposition.
  • Original contractor have done a shabby job during their point of installation, resulting in deck structural failure in less than 5 years.
  • Original contractor's recommendations and usage of their unproven and untested wood products.
  • Original contractor's inability to uphold the impractical manufacturer warranties of their wood products.


The problems listed above usually lead to having to sanction major repairs and replacement, which might incur hefty costs on the owner as a result. Should you face any of such problems, please contact our timber consultants right now to seek professional advice and solutions!


Common Timber Decking Problems

Timber Maintenance

Nam Soon has a team of experienced engineers and carpenters (collectively known as NSmen), whom possess detailed knowledge of all timber products. We are able to execute repairs for a small portion of the timber deck.

Nam Soon offers one-stop free and non-obligatory professional advice, to assist all our clients in resolving such situations with minimal repair costs.

No job is too small or too big for us. Need help? Even for a small replacement of one or two planks. Please drop us an email ( or give us call 6366 2031 for immediate site visit.

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Timber Decking adds value and a sense of sophistication at your house.



With the right care and maintenance, the best performance and enjoyment is ensured.



Timber decking in high traffics such as schools and playgrounds is a challenge where safety is a major concern.


National Parks

Nam Soon's natural timber is able to cater to stringent National Park requirements.