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The Nam Soon Story

Incorporated in 1986, Nam Soon has since came a long way, transforming itself from a humble sawmiller and timber trader to a market-leading outdoor timber design-and-build specialist.

A family-run business, Nam Soon is currently helmed by its second generation of owners who are focused on raising the bar of the industry through quality assurance and constant innovation.

Our Portfolio

The following Interactive Map is a collection of our most important timber decking projects to date. As we continue to leave our mark all over Singapore each passing day, this collection is proof of our steadfast dedication and professionalism that enabled us to achieve the market leader status and reputation that we have today.

Why Choose Us?

Established Brand
We are an established brand name with more than 30 years of history; the company name has never been changed since incorporation in 1986.
Workmanship Assurance
We have assembled an in-house team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen collectively known as NSMen.

They are continually evaluated on performance indicators such as client satisfaction, production speed, problem-solving skills and discipline; top-performing craftsmen will progress towards more senior roles within the team and receive better remuneration for their contributions.

Quality Assurance
On the back of years of collective experience, we adhere to a stringent set of criteria in the selection and procurement of timber products for our inventory. For example, a proven track record in South-East Asia is one of the key criterion that we look at when evaluating a new product.

Word From the Streets...

Find out what our satisfied clients had to say about us! These reviews are extracted live from our Facebook page, which are all unedited and unsponsored.

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