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timber decking

T-DECK System (Patented)

When we talk about timber decks, other than the surface decking boards, of equal importance is the underlying support structure. The design and construction of the support structure is one of the key determinants of how long the timber deck can last in general. It is usually overlooked by many, especially homeowners who are installing a timber deck for the first time.

The T-DECK System is conceptualised and developed by our own project engineers who fully understood the effects that the outdoor conditions have on the timber deck, e.g. effect of groundwater contact with timber components.

Being a core component in several of Nam Soon’s projects, the T-DECK system has filed for patent successfully in 2014 (the first for a local decking company), which is also a reflection of our company’s drive towards innovation.

Features and Aspects
T-DECK System
Conventional Structural System
Warranty Terms
10-year comprehensive warranty provided by Nam Soon
Usually vague or no warranty terms
Installation Methodology
Timber joists elevated to desired height through suspension via vertical stainless steel threaded rods and nuts
Yellow Balau, Kapur or equivalent grade timber joists, elevated to the desired height by the use of timber shims or vertical timber leg-stands
Water Contact with Timber Components
Minimal, as the vertical stainless steel threaded rods are the ones at the bottom resisting the impact of water
Vertical timber leg-stands and timber shims are at the bottom being soaked in water, which accelerates their decay process which undermines the durability of the entire support structure
Load-bearing Capabilities
PE-Certified 500 kg / square metre
Uncertified, estimated 150 kg – 250 kg / square metre
Most Suitable for:
Vast outdoor public areas with high foot traffic; outdoor gardens with soil
Preferably indoors with lesser exposure to foot traffic


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