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Softline® Merbau Decking

We are proud to announce that Nam Soon is now a strategic partner of the Vetedy Group, an international organisation based in Luxembourg, Belgium, Indonesia and Cameroon. They have more than 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of exotic timbers specially for the use of Outdoor Decking and Indoor Flooring.

Vetedy Group is also the inventor and sole manufacturer of the revolutionary Softline® invisible fixation system, which enables timber decking to be installed without any visible surface fixations. We have elected to distribute and install their Merbau timber decking series in Singapore, for its South-East Asian heritage and its famed resistance against fungal decay and insect attacks.

Features and Advantages of the Softline® Invisible Fixation System:

Features and Advantages of Merbau timber:


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We are an established brand name with more than 30 years of history; the company name has never been changed since incorporation in 1986.


Our workers are continually evaluated on performance indicators such as client satisfaction, production speed, problem-solving skills and discipline.


On the back of years of collective experience, we adhere to a stringent set of criteria in the selection and procurement of timber products for our inventory.

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