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Corporate Social Responsibility

Singapore Polytechnic

Timber Decking Workshop @ Singapore Polytechnic 2018

Timber Decking Workshop @ Singapore Polytechnic 2017

Our business has always been built around our vision of creating wholesome lifestyle living for everyone. However, what we can achieve by ourselves is limited.

Therefore, when Singapore Polytechnic invited us to be a guest lecturer for the aspiring students of ‘Landscape Architecture’ for three years running, we accepted the invitations without second thoughts. Topics that we touched on include the guiding principles of deck-building, necessary knowledge about the various species of timber, ecological sustainability and how timber decking can be effectively integrated in their designs.

By generously sharing our knowledge and experiences with them, we are laying the foundation to a better future for the next generation.

yo:HA Commercial @ Tampines

Timber Decking Trail @ yo:HA Tampines

yo:HA Commercial @ Tampines is a one-stop edutainment centre in Singapore that offers a variety of enrichment and leisure courses catered to children and young adults, while the holistic environment there is ideal for families to bond and engage in educative activities.

Nam Soon, along with urban botanical specialists, has transformed the barren backyard of yo:HA into “The Healing Sanctuary” – an exhibition of ingenuity, design acumen and the gifts from Mother Nature. Leading to the sanctuary is the “Journey of Timber Decking Evolution”, where visitors can stroll down the timber trail and witness how timber decking technology has changed over the years, before putting their green fingers to the test with some urban farming hands-on.

Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Bright Hill Evergreen Home is an accredited non-profit nursing home, now located at 100 Punggol Field. They are able to house more than 200 elderly residents, providing them with high-quality round-the-clock nursing care.

We are honoured to be a part of their Rooftop Garden project, where the designated rooftop open area is transformed into a daytime activity zone for the residents to embrace the sunlight and fresh air. On the Rooftop Garden’s Viewing Deck, they can enjoy a relaxing and beautiful view of Punggol Waterway’s scenery, while getting some hands-on with mini-planting projects. These are very helpful for the physiological, as well as psychological, well-being of the residents.

As the safety of the wheelchair-bound residents is of priority, mindful additions were also implemented for the Viewing Deck:

  1. Timber ramps to enable wheelchair access
  2. Timber handrails for better grip and support
  3. Timber railings along the perimeter of the Viewing Deck to prevent accidental falls


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On the back of years of collective experience, we adhere to a stringent set of criteria in the selection and procurement of timber products for our inventory.

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