Choosing the Right Vendor

Doing the proper research goes a long way

As a well-established and reputable institution of the local timber industry for nearly 40 years, friends and customers tend to come to us for home improvement advice. The local renovation scene is not exactly basked in glory, and thus it is very important for homeowners to do in-depth research prior to engaging any contractor.

One tip that we always share is to first find out the history of the vendor / contractor that you are interested in engaging. A good way of finding that out is to check out the ACRA business report of the company. Why? Only companies with deep roots and a consistently upheld reputation are likely to honour warranties and provide trustworthy service.

On the other hand, there might be companies that claim to have a long history in Singapore, but the dates in their ACRA business report suggests otherwise. This speak volumes about the integrity of the company, and subsequently their ability to deliver what they promised (or over-promised).

Please note that this advice is not just for timber decking only. It is applicable across every industry, including interior design and furniture. It helps ensure you choose a quality, dependable service.